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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Services

White Sand Day Spa uses specialized lasers to help remove hair painlessly and effortlessly.  We use state of the art IPL laser which is a leading technology in the field of laser treatment that provides a safe and permanent hair reduction.  IPL delivers light energy in a non-invasive manner to hundreds of hair follicles at once.

IPL Laser hair removal is the most effective, convenient, and painless method of removing unwanted hair from anywhere on your face and body.  No more will you have to worry about unsightly bumps or irritation caused my shaving, and because IPL removes hair right from the hair follicles.

Full face                                                              $60
Cheeks                                                                $40
Chin                                                                     $30
Upper lip                                                             $30
Chest (women) including abdomen            $200
Chest (men) including abdomen                  $250
Back (women)                                                   $200
Back (men)                                                         $250
Bikini                                                                    $100
Full Brazilian                                                      $150
Abdomen                                                            $100
Full arms                                                             $150
Half Arms                                                            $75
Under Arms                                                        $50
Full legs                                                                $200
Half legs                                                               $100
Feet                                                                       $50
Ears                                                                       $30
Hands                                                                   $50
Full Body                                                              $800


IPL Laser Hair Removal Packages (6 treatments)

Chin $144

Upper Lip $144

Cheeks $192

Full Face $288

Under Arms $240

Full Arms $720

Half Arms $360

Full Legs $960

Half Legs $480

Bikini $480

Full Brazilian $720