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Eyelash Extension

Desire Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Desire Eyelash Extensions are single synthetic lashes that are applied one by one to each of your existing lashes for a totally natural look.  Our Eyelash Extensions add length, thickness, and fullness to your own lashes that can’t be achieved with traditional makeup.  Desire Eyelash Extensions remain for the full life cycle of your existing lashes, generally lasting up to two months or more.  The life cycle of Desire lashes vary per individual, and factors such as temperature and moisture can affect the duration; we recommend touch-up appointment every 2 to 3 weeks to keep up with the natural growth and shedding of your lashes.

Glamorous Lash                                                                                                              80 min …$80

Dramatic Lashes                                                                                                             90 min …$90


Lash Extension Coating Sealant (use 2 to 3x’s a week)                                         $22

False Lashes application lessons                                                                                30 min  $30



Before your appointment

Avoid wearing eye makeup (especially mascara) and curling your lashes before coming for your appointment.

After your appointment

First 24 hrs: Avoid showering, steam room, massages and facials for as long as possible after lash application. Don’t “scrunch” your eyes tightly.  Do not wet the lashes and absolutely no crying! 

After 24hrs:  No curling your lashes, no mascara, avoid sleeping Face down on your pillow, no eye masks and NO PICKING OR PLUCKING your lashes.

Use a pointed Q-tip and an oil free makeup remover to keep your eye clean. 

Avoid facing the shower.

Should they “shift” use tweezers to adjust them back into place.  After a shower let them dry in “position”

Any other concern please contact WHITE SAND for advice.